TOP GEO Mineralienhandel GmbH at a glance


A blink of an eye in the history of the earth, but we proudly look back on more than 30 years of history with our company TOP GEO, which we founded in Stuttgart/Germany in 1991 as a wholesaler for minerals, fossils and gemstones. The founder and owner to this day is the geologist and passionate collector Dr. Petr Zajicek.



An important step in the company's history was marked in 1994 when we moved into our own premises in Satteldorf-Gersbach (between Stuttgart and Nuremberg/Germany).



We are still mainly active in wholesale. Many of these relationships last for decades. We have also made our assortment accessible to end customers. TOP GEO has continuously developed into a sought-after specialist shop for minerals, fossils, rocks and prehistoric artefacts. From passionate collectors to resellers to well-known museums, customers from all over the world are always happy to visit us and one or the other stone will find a new home. At the same time, we are pleased to have established an international reputation as a valued supplier of geo-accessories, stone processing machines and abrasives. Here, too, we serve a large group of customers, starting with the initial equipment for hobby geologists through to equipping universities. Today we import directly from more than 40 countries and export to over 100 countries around the world.

You are welcome to visit our exhibition and storage area which now covers over 1000 square meters. The opening is possible at any business time by prior arrangement, also for groups and schools.

Over 40,000 minerals are in stock covering the full spectrum, far more than we can present online. We see ourselves as a partner for museum pieces and high-quality exhibits, system minerals, rarities and specimens as well as micromounts. This also includes complete collections, self-compiled hardness scales and mineralogical exercise sets for schools, institutes and universities as well as minerals for research purposes.


Over 15,000 fossils are in stock, from museum exhibits to specimens, everything is included. Sometimes quite complex fossil collections for school supplies, universities and institutes are also part of the range. As a special show, we offer what is probably the world's best continental Devonian collection from the classic site of Čelechovice in Moravia.
One of our specialties are self-made true-to-the-original casts of artefacts from the Ice Age to the Middle Ages. These include casts of famous Venus figures and depictions of animals, replicas of rare fossil objects, and scientific casts of hominins.
Quite literally, there are numerous jewels in our specially designed and manufactured jewelery collections. Gold and silver jewelry combined with precious stones is particularly popular. We also offer a large stock of necklaces and strands made of semi-precious stones, precious stone engravings, facets, semi-precious stone balls and eggs.
Our geo-equipment makes geologists, mineralogists, petrologists and collectors fit for the field, laboratory, workshop and exhibition. We have put together the range mainly on the basis of our own experience. So you benefit twice - we have tested in the field and can provide sound advice.
As diverse as our own interests are, we offer a wide spectrum. These include accessories for taxidermists, machines and abrasives for gem cutters, identification aids for schools and collectors and finally accessories for presentation and storage for collectors, jewelers and museums.

Our wholesale range includes in particular various minerals and fossils in cartons, kilos or tons. In addition, there is a huge selection of tumbled stones and rough stones witout restraint.
In our own museum, over 5000 exhibits await you in the minerals department and over 3000 exhibits in the fossils department. In addition, original oil paintings by P. Modlitba show the human evolution.
Mining history with oil lamps, carbide and petrol lamps illustrate another theme. Last but not least, our special show should be mentioned: The world's largest private collection of minerals from the Czech Příbram area.
We take care of the stone preparations for our offer and on behalf of the customer. This includes in particular the preparation and formatting of fossils and minerals. Ultrasonic, chemical cleaning processes and sandblasting up to 40µm are available. We are also experienced in making molds and replicas.
Of course, stone enthusiasts shouldn't be without their own grinding shop, and when the weather is nice we like to work in the open air. Our workshop is equipped for sawing and polishing, drilling (also ultrasonic), tumbling and growing of synthetic crystals and minerals.

A welcome change are our own expeditions and collection tours to near and far, from which we bring back very special pieces such as the desert glass from the Libyan desert. Our tours are literally an up and down - so we recently explored a W-Sn district at 5000 m on Mount Viloco in Bolivia and underground the Czech Cu-Au deposit Jesenik.

As you can see, stones are our great passion - and we are happy to share them with our valued customers!