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Dear friends of rare rocks

Discover at TOPGEO thousands of minerals, fossils and jewelry made of precious stones - for more than 20 years located in Satteldorf, Germany.

Most products offered are single-pictured unicums, often created from raw material collected by ourselves. Enjoy our masterpieces!

And if you like to go for rock hunting on your own or working with stones you'll get here the perfect equipment, chosen from enthusiats like you are.

Moldavite pendant with silver wire wrapping Pendant made of Moldavite, the green tektite from Czech Republic, elaborately wrapped in silver wire (Ag925).
from 90 €
rock tumblers Tumbling of stones is easy with the "Tumble Bee" machines made in USA.
from 119€
amthyst Must have: amethyst sparkling in deep violet
from 22€
sandstone arches Grand canyon scenery for your home
from 39€
amethyst pendant Amethyst flower pendant comprising a stalactite cross section polished on both sides
from 59€
amber Jewelry made of amb and silver 925, some with inclusions
aragonite tube Carlsbad Aragonite from a literally special source. The rocks grew over decades inside water piping in famous Carlsbad/Czech republic.
from 99€
fulgurite flash tube Fulgurites or "petrified lightnings" are a rare phenomenon: the heat of a lightning strike can form this glass especially found in deserts.
from 10€
rock pick The most important tool for all geologists: professional rock picks by Estwing or Forgecraft, hammers forged from one piece.
from 29€
pendant ammonite gold plate Pendant made of real fossil plated with gold. Hidden for millions of years deep in earth, now the golden fossils will shine resplendent in light.
from 50€
Moldavite jewelry Cross made of clear, faceted Moldavite. The gold framing (14 ct!) of this pendant provides the green tektite with a gleaming aureola. Unbeatable price through own production.
from 239 €
fossil jewelry box Jewelry box made of polished fossil rock.
from 35 €
casts of stone age art. Mother goddes figurine Stone age artwork. Professional casts of prehistoric animal figurines.
from 20€
agate clocks Clocks made of selected agate slabs and other rocks. Own production.
from 40€
Spheres made of various semi-precious stones, e.g. of sepataria as shown here. Choose from hundreds of images.
from 69€
citrin geode Gigant violet amethyst and yellow citrine geodes up to several meters in height!
Septaria pairs from Morocco. Cut and polished with fancy patterns.
Calcite bi-refringence Clear, dual refraction calcspar to explore the optical phenomenon of birefringence.
Silver-plated pendant with red Tourmaline (Rubelite). Own jewelery line.
Giant rock crystals from Brazil.
Trilobite "Stenarocalymene celebra" from Nigaran Feriej, Indiana, USA.
The "Ball from Hermanov" has a core of coarse phlogopite encapsulated by radial anthophyllite.
from 25 €
desert glass paleo artefact Authentic prehistoric (!) artefacts from the Libyan desert collect during our expedition 2003. Blades and graters from the paleolithic age with well-preserved retouch.
from 50€
Online we offer already several thousand single-pictured minerals, fossils and gems and the choice is continuously increased. Though, a far larger selection waits for you in our exhibtion rooms in Satteldorf/Germany, a village close to Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Munich. Junction of autobahn A6/A7 is reached within few minutes, Stuttgart and Nuremberg takes about one hour. Combine visiting TOPGEO and one of the nearby medival towns Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Dinkelsbühl or Schwäbisch Hall!
Venus from Willendorf and casts of other ancient mother goddess figurines with great attention to detail.
39 €
The faceted beads of this necklace are made of the mysterious natural glass found in the Libyan desert.
from 1190 €
gold pans Make your fortune with our gold pans made of steel by Estwing or made of aluminium or plastic
from 9€
Wulfenite from the San Franciso Mine in Mexico.
149 €
Pendant with natural picture stone. Each medaillon cut of dendritic limestone from Solnhofen is unique.
from 12€
Brooch of tiger eye and leather-like plastic. Our fashion jewelry line includes broochs, pendants and danglings with various semi-precious stones.
from 12 €
11 cm long, nearly black smoky quartz from Arkansas, USA
69 €
Small amethyst geode from Brazil with a height of 30 cm.
from 179€
Water melon tourmaline - the bi-colored tourmaline with red and green end.
about 100€
Fantastic Wulfenite sepcimens for high-end collectors.
from 30 to 800€
Proudly offering our TOP GEO rock pick with tough hickory handle for only 25€.
Rewoquat Rewoquat - the proven tenside for sensitive preparation of fossils. Buy here in 1 liter bottle, 0.5 liter bottle or 4 liter pack