Moldavite Giants over 40 grams per piece 

Mostly the founded Moldavites have a low weight of only few grams. Authentic Moldavites weighting more than 40g are extremly rare. We guarantee for the authenticity of all our stones with our name. If you like, visit us in Satteldorf/Germany. We are a registered German company and don't hide behind cryptic post box addresses. You also can meet us in person at the  Tucson Show/USA. Let us know if you like to bring us a certain stone from our website to a fair.

Moldavite book by Prof Bouska (english)

Item-No.: BUCH01
Price: 19.00 EUR 

Unique Moldavite

Velký Chlum, Sand Pit, Svatý Jan nad Malší, Ločenice, South Bohemia, Czech Republic

Item-No.: MOL40-100-019
Price: 2405.00 EUR 

Unique Moldavite from Moravia

Kojetice na Moravě, Třebíč Co., Vysočina Region, Moravia, Czech Republic

Item-No.: MOL40-100-001
Price upon request