Libyan desert silica glass - the rock of the God
Libyan desert silica glas (LDSG) according to today's accepted knowledge to the group of impact glasses - tektites with high silica content (98%). A characteristic is the bright color spectrum ranked from opaque white, transfuent yellow up to greenish varieties. The hit of meteorite gave up the huge amout of energy, melting surrounding rocks. Up to now the crater has not been discovered. One of the theories assumes the crater under sand dunes.The strown field of LDSG is situated to the east part of Libyan desert (West Egypt).
As early as prehistory, people has been attemped by this rock. Frequent finding of artefacts as hand-axes, arrow-heads, knifes and scrapers bring the evidence. Ancient egyptians refer the LDSG as very rare and valuable and they have named this glass as a "rock of the God". An example of this is the Scarab of Tutankhamon collier. Up to this day a new age era people are temp to magic power of those glasses promising long and happy life.
Authentic shots of our expedition through the dunes of Libyan desert in 2003.