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Rotary tumblers for do-it-yourself stone tumbling 

All you need to tumble yourself stones or glass  is a "Tumble Bee" rotary tumbler. We ship from Germany, so no  customs duty for deliveries inside the European community at reasonable shipping cost.
The small machine TB12 comes with a rubber barrel with an capacity of 1 kg (2 lb) which makes the perfect size for professional tumbling small amounts at low cost. You can buy this  stone tumbler for only 119.00 € in our shop. The TB14 "Tumble Bee" has the double capacity for 2 kg (4 lb) DIY tumbled stones in one run while TB22 has the same capacity but split in two barrels.
All machines are installed with a non-slip timing belt to prevent belt failure, a thermal sensor to prevent overheating and an on/off power switch so you can easily control your Tumble-Bee. ABS plastic housing is rust-free and sharp-edge free. Thumbscrews are installed for easy positioning of the fan-cooled motor and the motor is shielded with an easy-to-remove motor cover with excessive holes that allows plenty of ventilation. The barrels are made with quality rubber and are easy to open and close.

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Complete Barrel 1kg for Tumble Bee TB12 and TB22

Item-No.: ETB1222
Price: 51.00 EUR 
Corundum Abrasive and Polish Basic Set

Item-No.: SM10A
Price: 12.00 EUR 
SiC Abrasive and Polish Basic Set

Item-No.: SM10
Price: 21.00 EUR 
Walnut Shell, Filler for tumbeling 1kg

Item-No.: TFWS
Price: 12.50 EUR 
Walnut Shell, Filler for tumbling 0,5 kg

Item-No.: TFWS05
Price: 8.00 EUR 




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