Cravings of Libyan Desert Silica Glass

Even in old Egypt Libyan desert glass was a very precious stone, the rock of the god. A scarab carved out of this natural glass was set in one of Tutankhamen's amulets. We expanded the line to more than scarab carvings and used only best quality desert glass which we collected with our own hands in the Libyan desert in 2003. All the figurines are unicums, you get exactly what's on the pictures.

LDG, Budha

Item-No.: 4331003
Price: 1296.00 EUR 

LDG, Delphine

Item-No.: 4330013
Price: 244.00 EUR 

LDG, Delphine

Item-No.: 4330029
Price: 1772.00 EUR 

LDG, Elephant

Item-No.: 4330002
Price: 2830.00 EUR 

LDG, Elephant

Item-No.: 4330014
Price: 448.00 EUR 

LDG, Elephant

Item-No.: 4330030
Price: 918.00 EUR 

LDG, Elephant on the rock

Item-No.: 4330001
Price: 1188.00 EUR 

LDG, Frog

Item-No.: 4330020
Price: 394.00 EUR 

LDG, Hippo

Item-No.: 4330031
Price: 780.00 EUR 

LDG, Lady´s head with hat

Item-No.: 4331002
Price: 1890.00 EUR 

LDG, Mermaid - Nessy

Item-No.: 4331004
Price: 1068.00 EUR 

LDG, Sea Horse

Item-No.: 4330009
Price: 372.00 EUR 

LDG, Sea Horse

Item-No.: 4330010
Price: 622.00 EUR 

LDG, Sea Horse

Item-No.: 4330026
Price: 336.00 EUR 

LDG, Sea Horse

Item-No.: 4330028
Price: 398.00 EUR 

LDG, Whale

Item-No.: 4330004
Price: 414.00 EUR