Dig big hole with small tools! Folding shovels are lightweight but strong tools for you everyday field work.

Compact Folding Prospectors Pick

Item-No.: CFPP
Price: 54.00 EUR 

Hand Held Plastic Sand Scoop

Item-No.: PSS
Price: 22.00 EUR 

Mini Folding Prospectors Shovel, Pick and Saw

Item-No.: MFS
Price: 32.00 EUR 

Mini Folding Trowel

Item-No.: MFT
Price: 12.50 EUR 

Sampling Shovel

Item-No.: HT11
Price: 7.50 EUR 

Sieve Scope with Brass Probe

Item-No.: OSS
Price: 18.00 EUR 

Tri Folding Shovel

Item-No.: TFS
Price: 39.00 EUR