Animals in paleolithic art

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Animal head, Kesslerloch (cast)

Item-No.: URG211
Price: 30.72 USD 
Art in the Mirror of Ages (english)

Item-No.: BUCH02
Price: 12.67 USD 
Bear, Getzersdorf (cast)

Item-No.: URG352
Price: 32.00 USD 
Bison, La Madeleine (cast)

Item-No.: URG062
Price: 49.92 USD 
Buck, Tuc d'Audoubert (cast)

Item-No.: URG080
Price: 44.80 USD 
Bull from Kulna (cast)

Item-No.: URG168
Price: 339.20 USD 
Duck from Hohle Fels

Item-No.: URG471
Price: 42.24 USD 
Head of whinnying horse, Mas d'Azil (cast)

Item-No.: URG132
Price: 25.60 USD 
Horse engraving, La Colombière (cast)

Item-No.: URG400
Price: 99.84 USD 
Horse head, Mas d'Azil (cast)

Item-No.: URG255
Price: 35.84 USD 
Paleolithic and Mesolithic Moravia (english)

Item-No.: BUCH03
Price: 32.00 USD 
The Story of Mankind (english)

Item-No.: BUCH04
Price: 21.63 USD 




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