Copies of stone age venus figurines

Our company TOP GEO GmbH, Satteldorf/Germany is specialized in professional casts of archeological mother goddess figurines.  These female sculptures belong to the oldest art on the planet. Most famous is the 27000 years old"Venus of Willendorf". She has many sisters, partly with surprisingly similarity - even the archaeological sites are located between Spain and Siberia! We are proud to offer you copies of 95 different paleaolithic venus (or "mother goddess") figures from own manual production. The quality and variety of our sculptures have already convinced many international collectors and famous museums. Worldwide shipping of a small figurine starts with EUR 8.90 (incl insurance). Payment is possible through Paypal or bank transfer.

Reseller requests are welcome (at least 3 items of same type)

Art in the Mirror of Ages (english)

Item-No.: BUCH02
Price: 9.90 EUR 

Ceramic mask

Koňská jáma, Kateřinská jeskyně, Tschechien

Item-No.: URG412
Price: 42.00 EUR 

Egyptian Venus (cast)


Item-No.: URG157
Price: 78.00 EUR 

Goddess figurine from Hohle Fels

Hohle Fels, Germany

Item-No.: URG465
Price: 39.00 EUR 

Goddess figurine from Rytířská cave

Rytířská cave, Czech Republic

Item-No.: URG344
Price: 25.00 EUR 

Lion man (cast)

Hohlenstein-Stadel cave near Ulm, Lonetal, Swabia, Germany

Item-No.: URG305
Price: 395.00 EUR 

Male statuette, grave Brno 2 (cast)

Brno, Moravia, Czech Republic

Item-No.: URG006
Price: 78.00 EUR 

Paleolithic and Mesolithic Moravia (english)

Item-No.: BUCH03
Price: 25.00 EUR 

Relief of Venus from Laussel (cast)

Laussel near Bordeaux, France

Item-No.: URG059
Price: 189.00 EUR 

Stylized female figurine Pekarna (cast)

Pekárna cave near Brno, Moravia, Czech Republic

Item-No.: URG018
Price: 16.00 EUR 

Stylized woman from Mezin (cast)

Mezin, Ukraina

Item-No.: URG017
Price: 39.00 EUR 

The Extinct Life (english)

Item-No.: BUCH05
Price: 9.00 EUR 

The Story of Mankind (english)

Item-No.: BUCH04
Price: 16.90 EUR 

Venus from Falkenstein (cast)

Falkenstein, Austria

Item-No.: URG369
Price: 62.00 EUR 

Venus from Galgenberg (cast)

Galgenberg near Stratzing, Austria

Item-No.: URG029
Price: 26.00 EUR 

Venus from Grimaldi (cast)

Grimaldi, Italy

Item-No.: URG008
Price: 25.00 EUR 

Venus from Hluboke Masuvky (cast)

Hluboké Mašůvky, Moravia, Czech Republic

Item-No.: URG012
Price: 99.00 EUR 

Venus from Kondon (cast)

Kondon near Vladivostok, Russia

Item-No.: URG206
Price: 38.00 EUR 

Venus from Kramolin (cast)

Kramolín near Brno, Moravia, Czech Republic

Item-No.: URG182
Price: 26.00 EUR 

Venus from Křepice (cast)

Křepice, Czech Republic

Item-No.: URG408
Price: 29.00 EUR 

Venus from Laugerie Basse (cast)

Laugerie Basse near Bordeaux, France

Item-No.: URG039
Price: 29.00 EUR 

Venus from Lespugue (cast)

Lespugue, Pyrenees, France

Item-No.: URG021
Price: 45.00 EUR 

Venus from Mauern (cast)

Mauern near Munich, Germany

Item-No.: URG285
Price: 26.00 EUR 

Venus from Moravany (cast)

Moravany near Brno, Moravia, Czech Republic

Item-No.: URG067
Price: 29.00 EUR 

Venus from Savignano (cast)

Savignano sul Panaro Modena, Italy

Item-No.: URG020
Price: 39.00 EUR 

Venus from Sireuil (cast)

Sireuil near Bordeaux, France

Item-No.: URG019
Price: 29.00 EUR 

Venus from Tursac (cast)

Tursac near Bordeaux, France

Item-No.: URG032
Price: 29.00 EUR 

Venus from Těšetice-Kyjovice (cast)

Těšetice-Kyjovice, Czech Republic

Item-No.: URG404
Price: 32.00 EUR 

Venus from Těšetice-Kyjovice 2 (cast)

Těšetice-Kyjovice, Czech Republic

Item-No.: URG405
Price: 32.00 EUR 

Venus from Těšetice-Kyjovice 3 (cast)

Těšetice-Kyjovice, Czech Republic

Item-No.: URG406
Price: 42.00 EUR 

Venus from Těšetice-Kyjovice 4 (cast)

Těšetice-Kyjovice, Czech Republic

Item-No.: URG410
Price: 32.00 EUR 

Venus from Willendorf (cast)

Willendorf, Austria

Item-No.: URG030
Price: 39.00 EUR 

Venus from Yeliseevichi (cast)

Yeliseevichi on the Sudost river, Briansk Province, Russia

Item-No.: URG015
Price: 39.00 EUR 

Venus mask from Cejkov (cast)

Čejkovice near Brno, Czech Republic

Item-No.: URG320
Price: 26.00 EUR 

human silhouette Lalinde (cast)

Lalinde near Bordeaux, France

Item-No.: URG216
Price: 77.00 EUR 

male figurine Oleny (cast)

Oleny island, Lake Onega, Karelia, Russia

Item-No.: URG321
Price: 39.00 EUR